Impeach Agent Orange!

In the few weeks that Donald J. Trump and his menagerie of white supremacists, conspiracy theorists, and opportunistic psychopaths have been in office, they have introduced some of the stupidest and most dangerous policies in living memory; demonstrated woeful ignorance of how to run—or disinterest in running—a modern, democratic country; become embroiled in what appears to be the most serious scandal in the history of the United States; and cast a dark shadow over the future of American democracy.

Trump himself is completely unqualified and unfit to govern. Many of the comments on the campaign trail should have immediately put him out of the running. His narcissistic personality and compulsive lying make him a hazard to the nation, and he should not be allowed anywhere near the nuclear launch codes.

However, it appears that he won the presidency by conspiring with a hostile foreign power, with whom he and many of his aides have maintained close personal and business ties, and who he openly urged to engage in espionage against the United States. Not only is this extremely dangerous for America and its allies around the world, but it is so blatantly illegal that it is stunning that anyone would expect to get away with it.

Donald Trump should not be allowed to get away with treason. His business and personal ties with Russia should be investigated thoroughly by an independent commission, and every effort should be made to determine the veracity of the Steele Dossier. Donald Trump must be impeached and his toxic administration brought to an end.

At Anno Phoenicis, we have launched two new T-shirt designs calling for the impeachment of Donald Trump. The first of these refers to him as “Agent Orange,” alluding to his Russian connections, and may be controversial. Get it while it’s still legal!

The second design has the words “Impeach Trump!” beneath a monochrome image of Trump’s face.